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Coronavirus Action: Langar To-Go Boxes

At Gurdwara Sahib, 300 Gurdwara Road, Fremont CA is offering Langar in To-Go boxes:

Carry Out Pre-Packed Food Monday-Saturday from 5:30-7:30pm

Sunday from 12-2pm

Grocery Drive-Thru Pickup Monday and Friday Only Between 3-6pm

Live Feeds / Videos

Live Feeds / Videos

Are you in Alameda County and Need HELP?

If you are

  • Senior Citizens
  • Single Parents
  • Low Income
  • Special Circumstances

And want to get grocery delivered to your door step, Fremont Gurdwara Sahib has partnered with various Sikh humanitarian organizations and can help:

*** Click below link to fill Form***

Upcoming Events / Videos

  • Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital Thanks Fremont Khalsa School

  • 5th Nagar Kirtan and Sovereignty Rally San Francisco